Business Expansion And Sustainability

In many cultures, such as those of Buddhism and Ayurveda, it is believed that there is a balance to everything. Business is another area where balance is important—as something where money must be earned and spent to turn a profit. However, another area of business that requires balance is the idea of business expansion and sustainability. For businesses to thrive, they must grow. It is arguable though, that business must expand in a way that preserves and sustains human life.

Sustainability is essential the preservation of the environment and the land so that it continues to support human life. Many businesses make money, and because money drives the economy, it sometimes overshadows the need to preserve the environment. However, the environment is what sustains our way of living. It provides much of the food that we eat (plants and vegetation). It also supports the life cycle from which we hunt and farm animals for meat. Additionally, its trees and plants help produce the oxygen we need to breathe and the water that we need to drink, as well as resources like fossil fuels, minerals, precious stones, and wood, which are used in manufacturing.

Businesses must be cautious as they expand, so they do not upset the delicate balance. Physically, business expansion sometimes means cutting down trees and clearing out wooded areas, to make room for buildings. This not only destroys the plants, but also the wildlife that exists in an area. Business growth also usually means the use of more resources, including electricity and water, as well as anything needed in the manufacturing process. Finally, some business also have some effect on the land in the form of pollution, even with regulations put in place. Fumes, chemical by-products, and pollution leaked into the surrounding land and water are just some possible problems.

Even though there are regulations in place, businesses must take their own steps toward sustaining the environment. One way that some businesses have drastically reduced their carbon footprint is by using solar power or other sustainable energy. Some have also tried to change their methods of manufacturing, even phasing out ingredients that can harm the environment. One example is toothpaste and face wash companies, many of which have stopped using the small, plastic beads in their product because of the harm they have on the environment. By making progress like this, business are taking the necessary steps toward human sustainment.

As businesses expand, it is important for them to remember that they have a duty to sustain the environment, not only to preserve human life but to preserve the resources that they need for business. Without environmental protection, resources may be used too quickly or water and land may be contaminated. There is also the risk of wooded areas being cut down where endangered species may live. This is why these protections are in place. It is because regardless of how profitable a business is, they cannot possibly maintain a good business without finding that perfect balance between business expansion and environmental sustainability.