What makes academic writing different from other writings? 

Have you ever asked yourself some questions like, how do writings meant for academic writing that are meant for other purposes? If these questions have crossed your mind, you are in the right place because there are many other people out there who have also wondered about the same questions. Without wasting a lot of time, let us dive into the main thing. 

When writing essays meant for academic purposes, there is a kind of language that one is too use and formal language. It reduces the use of colloquialism and contractions. And when writing academic essays, slang use should be avoided. If one is to use casual language, it should maybe only be to emphasize some points. 

Another thing about academic writings is that pronouns like “I” we” are not used. But other writing types give someone a chance to be flexible because one can use different kinds of informal language. 

The organizations that guide styles like the APA represent the perfect resources for students who are engaging themselves with academic writing with a number of various style guides used in different sections of academics.

These style guides have a standard of how these references are represented. Most documents are formatted considering items like the typeface, margins, headings, and other various elements. There are even some guides that dictate the kind of language that one should use in certain circumstances. 

The tone that a writer uses when writing his essay will make the readers perceive what he has writings about how they understand the tone. And it is also crucial that various types of languages be used by different kinds of tones suitable for targeting particular audiences. It is also essential that it is vital to eradicate every possible bias when writing an academic essay. Both implicit and explicit. One must display objectivity when doing academic writing. It usually is best that academic writing prevents having rhetorical tactics like emotional arguments, sweeping generalization. It will make sure that there is a high level of objectivity in the essay. The main part of academic writing is that it should be very clear, objective, and succinct. The criteria for these qualities normally vary from one writing style to another. But when the elements are not there, the quality of academic writing is always not stable.

The selection of tone language and writing style is normally dependent on the target of the audience. As that being said, one has to be very careful when selecting his target audience because it will affect his writing. When doing academic writing, one’s audience may include professors, researchers, and people who are experts in that field that you're researching on. But a casual piece, the audience will be your family friends.


There is a little piece of advice that leaves time for editing your work. No matter what kind of work you have, your document should not have a lot of errors. The amount of error in your writing will determine how much people will be reading it. And the more it is, the fewer readers you will have.