Ways of writing a body paragraph

Essay writing is probably the easiest thing for students in their academic journey. Essay writing skills take time to learn and improve. Of the many skills you need is developing examples from plain text forming arguments supporting your thesis.

What is a paragraph structure? 

In your body, when writing your essay, this is where you explain the evidence and support of your thesis. For English essays, you present your text quotations, examples, and facts supporting your arguments. A simple paragraph structure will have the following order:

  1. Start with a sentence outlining what you will discuss in the entire paragraph.;
  2. Support the paragraph argument using evidence;
  3. Discuss these evidence by explaining how they develop meaning;
  4. Link this evidence to your argument and accord it supports.

In this structure, you introduce the idea, support it, and connect it to the thesis’s thesis from the introduction. Sustained arguments use this structure.

Paragraph structure, ease of reading, and sustained arguments

Your essay must be readable; here’s how to.

Signposting is an excellent tool to use when writing an essay as it gives signals and structure to your reader. Using a topic sentence to signpost orientates your readers into the argument and enables them to see the item argued and its relation to the essay’s bigger picture. A flawed and non-consistent argument derails a reader, and they may end up not completing the whole essay.

Using TEEL structure when writing body paragraphs

When presenting your evidence, do so in a way, supporting the topic sentence and thesis. Doing so makes the paragraph structure readable and illuminates the logic in your argument. As a result of all these, the TEEL structure is best suited to bring out all the aspects in a flowing manner. The TEEL means:

Using this structure is ideal for students writing the bodies of their essays in matrix English. Why? The reason is the structure develops a piece of evidence to an argument rather than listing the quotations and techniques only. Note also that when writing your body, you can interchange the format of writing the explanations and effects as one can come before the other. It allows for flexibility and general point flow in your writing.

Organize notes to form a better structure in your body paragraph’s structure. 

You will need evidence to support your topic sentence. Make sure you go through the text entirely before you start embarking on your writing. Logically organize the notes and shreds of evidence for it to be easy to write your essay. Note that a good structure is meaningless if it lacks a meaningful analysis.

Step-by-step guide when writing a body paragraph

There are steps that matrix English students use when writing their essays. They are:

  1. Analyzing the text.
  2. Choosing the best evidence to use for making your points.
  3. Choosing the order, you will present your evidence.
  4. Introducing the first example.
  5. Explaining the effect and techniques present in your example.
  6. Explaining why the example supports the argument you are raising.
  7. Introducing the next example and briefly describing it.
  8. Writing a conclusion statement summarizing your paragraph and connecting it to your thesis.